Awakening the Oracle within you,
Honouring the Light that is you,
Embracing The Path of Empowerment that calls to you by name

Hello & Welcome

Welcome to The Intuitive Oracle.

Here you will find an online sacred space and spiritual empowerment service devoted to supporting Empaths, Initiates and Awakening Starseeds who are championing their True Potential during this momentous time of great shifts and change.

Humanity is awakening. In this time of unequivocal change, many of us are tapping into a catalytic inner awareness that we are here to live courageously and forge a deeper alignment to our true spiritual expression.

Empaths, Initiates and Awakening Starseeds are among the brave souls being initiated now to awaken and participate in leading the consciousness transition into an inspiring New Way, by inwardly embodying higher potentials which support our evolution into collective empowerment.

Creating our higher reality structure begins with each one of us and our choice to reclaim our divine inheritance and spiritual sovereignty. If this resonates, may this provide an understanding of why you are here during this potent portal of time, where we are blessed with an unprecedented opportunity of cosmic proportion to undertake our great work.

As declared through the power of our innate divine birthright and bestowed unto all through benevolent intelligence, this is our moment to truly become free.

In honour of your heroic journey as a unique multidimensional being embodied on the physical plane, this emerging spiritual service is offered to you as an empowerment resource as you navigate Your Way.

May you awaken and protect your True Potential and find truth, transformation and freedom.

Thank you for being Here!

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Daily Oracular Guidance

Courageous One! If we make the choice to embody our Highest Potential – which is a brave declaration to ourselves and the universe – that which is not in alignment to this potential will be dismantled and dissolved. We will be asked to become increasingly aware of our vulnerabilities, blind spots and shadow aspects in order to release, integrate, balance or transform any mis-aligned energies or identities and their obsolete programs and patterns. This process can be gruelling – because we are being stretched beyond the limits of our mind – but we can always request divine assistance so that our experiences are felt with more ease and grace as we embrace a Higher Way. This is how it is during cycles of growth. What’s important is we do not get stuck in the fear that this is always how it is… Yes, we will be tested in our choices and actions but as we choose to live in alignment with our Highest Potential, we are also blessed in stunning and immeasurable ways.

In the Light of ALL that YOU Are, may your unique Soul Path Be Blessed.

~ Have a beautiful day.

Spiritual Support

In my personal sessions, I create a safe and healing space. Whether you seek insight and empowerment in one area of life or many, I offer you intuitive oracular guidance from a spiritual perspective to support you on Your Path.

I work in Sacred Service to you, while championing your True Potential and personal truth connection.

If you are interested in Intuitive Oracular Guidance, an Energetic Support Session, or one of my other offerings, please see my list of services for more information.



The path of the oracle

The Oracle is symbolic of Truth, Strength and Wisdom. She is an emissary of Light in physical form, inwardly bridging her celestial and earthly selves, as she spirals with the heartbeat of All-Life. She dances with the stars and planets, knowing that she is intimately connected to the cosmos. She embraces her choice to be on Earth, knowing that she is intimately supported by the heavens. She connects to the Truth of who she is and intuits her Inner Spirit Wisdom, while discovering her limitless Being. Trusting she is not alone, she calls on grace and her Family of Light to be with her, as she courageously honours her Light. Inspired by a Sacred Uprising within, she champions her Inner Agency of Self-Transformation and invites others to embody a New Way with her.

May you surrender to the mystery and illuminate a New Way,
as you awaken the luminescence of the Oracle Within.

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Mission & Blessings

Our mission is an evolving one and it is revealed with each earthly step I, Sarah-Jane, take.
At the grandest level, we have a desire for each individual to live freely as their Highest Expression – unapologetically – and to end all separation, within one’s self and as a collective.

For individuals who are Awakening Starseeds or on an Initiatory Path, referred to here as Inner Evolutionary Empowerment, the path itself can at times be felt as tumultuous, polarising and perplexing, as well as expansive and profoundly enriching.

As Initiates, many of us are here to transcend the discordant programs, patterns and timelines operating within, or intersecting with, the many levels and layers of our multidimensional selves, all-the-while reclaiming our Empowered Spiritual Self. We are doing this powerful work whilst navigating the shifting earthly terrain without a manual or guidebook – because we are creating it as we go.

Our mission, therefore, is to create and facilitate a spiritually relevant empowerment resource within a refined sacred space that champions awakening individuals seeking to spiritually self-develop, so that together, we can learn how to align to the new energy paradigm with harmony and grace.

Recognising that the value of cultivating awareness and self-mastery cannot be underestimated, within this container, these attributes are advocated as important personal qualities to develop at this time.

As an Intuitive Oracle, Starseed Mentor and Ambassador of Truth, Transformation and Freedom, I dedicate this spiritual service to Empaths, Initiates and Awakening Starseeds who seek to embrace their True Potential through their own Inner Agency of Empowered Self-Transformation.

We are not doing our great work alone. Trust in this as you navigate Your Way.

May you be courageous in Honouring the Light of your Limitless Self.

May you be fearless in Championing your Truth, Transformation and Freedom.

And may you be infinitely blessed on your Heroic Path of Inner Evolutionary Empowerment.

Thank you and Blessed Be.

Statement of Intention

The Intuitive Oracle is a Transformational Spiritual Empowerment Service devoted to providing Empaths, Initiates and Awakening Starseeds with spiritual, energetic and multidimensional support. It is founded upon integrity, neutrality and the Spirit of Kindness and facilitated by Sarah-Jane with the highest intention.

As a living consciousness field, this container is dedicated to working in alignment with the Enlightened Celestial Teams that Serve Wholeness, Oneness and Truth. It is kindly asked that those entering this space and engaging with this spiritual offering, respect these same values also with the highest intention.

Within this container, it is important to share that the word Oracle is used consciously. It is not intended in its use to encourage identification with a specific archetype – all identifications are to be transcended. Oracle is used from a place of neutrality and empowerment, and as a potential pathway for connecting with your own Inner Truth and spiritual guidance.

May we all honour ourselves and each other.

Thank you and Blessed Be.

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