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About Sarah-Jane

Don’t be afraid of your story or believe it’s just that, ‘story’.
Our story is our masterpiece. It contains great gems if we are ready to look deeper.
You write the script.

As an Advocate of Inner Evolutionary Empowerment and Spiritual Freedom, I am truly inspired by our capacity to embody our full potential. Our heroic process of progressively actualising our potential, both individually and collectively, will unquestionably be remembered throughout the Halls of Time.

As we traverse the wild terrain of awakening and embodiment, may we find grace in our willingness to honour and respect each other and our unique individual experiences.

Our time is Now!

For those who are awakening to participate in the consciousness transition, it is through our direct experiences of personal growth and accumulated self-mastery that we create the foundation for inspired transformational change. The collective transformation begins with each one of us and our commitment to our personal evolution – this is our great masterpiece and I am honoured to walk beside you as we courageously navigate Our Way!

May you be victorious in your discovery of your True Potential.

May you be inspired as you awaken the gifts of your Infinite and Cosmic Self.

And may you find strength in the revelation of your unique Divine Masterpiece.

No one can take your journey as a unique soul-spirit in form but you

As a disclaimer, I bring into awareness that all information presented here is shared with the highest intention and reflects my personal learnings and experiences. If any information does not feel helpful to you, I encourage you to kindly disregard it.

Like many Starseeds, I live a surreal – yet conventional – Starseed life. I work very closely with my Celestial and Evolutionary Support Teams, as well as with the aspect of my spiritual lineage that holds a strong connection to Ireland and the divine feminine codes and keys held in her ancient land. I am honoured to work with my Family of Light.

In my work as a Starseed Mentor, I am wholeheartedly dedicated. I understand all too well the highs and lows of the Awakening Path. My heartfelt wish for you, for us all, is that we each awaken to the Truth that we are truly loved and never alone. Our Families of Light are here and are intimately supporting us on our evolutionary journeys.


As an Oracular Guide, I honour all of you; and I invite you to experience the unique vibrational sound tone of your own oracular truth: this is your Inner Truth Spirit and it is an overlighting compass that illuminates Your Way.


Deep within, you hold all the answers

In my private practice, I work within the spiritual realms to provide insight and guidance through my own intuitive oracular gifts. All sessions are intended to support you in navigating Your Path, as well as empower you in your choice to embrace your higher potentials through your own Inner Agency of Self-Transformation.

My training includes intensive studies in the sacred spiritual sciences and I hold accreditations in unique healing modalities, including Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ and Metaphysical Healing – Master in Crystal Light Healing™. I am also a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

As a Starseed, I regularly find myself called to powerful energetic portals, mostly in Ireland and the UK, and I have a love affair with water and the crystal kingdom.

My earthly education includes a background in Health Science and a Bachelor of Social Science in International Law and Political Philosophy – both from The University of New South Wales.

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Courageous One! May you be brave in your choice to live your Truth and fearless as you walk your divinely designed path, making magic as you go!

The journey to where I am today has been a roller coaster ride that could best be described as an accelerated process of discovery and awakening – which is why I’ve had to create a safe space within myself to land, time and time again, as old reference points dissolve.

As a child I was highly energetically sensitive, often feeling too sensitive, and I would deeply question the entire matrix of life on Earth. This early inquiry reflects the value I place on freedom – soul freedom – and the belief that, among the many reasons we are here, we are here to liberate ourselves out of the entropic systems of the 3D Earth reality and live from a place of authenticity.

Many of my experiences from childhood to early adulthood were emotionally and psychologically challenging. By the time I was a teenager, my emotional body had retreated and armoured itself in an effort to self-protect. As an uninitiated young Indigo Starseed, this was part of my process of finding a way to safely navigate the earthly 3D experience – which has felt deeply foreign to me, even to this day – and the complexities of imbalanced power in human relationships.

As I have later discovered, my early experiences were the perfect foundation for my personal growth and unfolding spiritual mission.


Our experiences are our training ground

My ability to intuit energy has faithfully guided me through the challenges that come with finding my place in the world – albeit with some resistance and a lack of conscious awareness at times! Navigating my way through the circumstances and dynamics that life has presented has many times been difficult, tiring and perplexing, especially in the absence of having a framework and context to explain the nature of my experiences. This is why I now place a huge emphasis on cultivating awareness, self-mastery and doing the due diligence to strengthen and support our ‘energetic house’.

Energetic discernment of the information I receive and share today, as well as discernment of the environments and situations that I am, and have been, exposed to, oftentimes asks a lot from me. Yet as I continue to learn, all of my experiences bring many beautiful blessings.

When it’s time to answer your call…

At the end of 2012, I began my Starseed Awakening. It was like clockwork and my life unequivocally shifted. I was asked to surrender all I had known, and as I’ve since discovered, this hasn’t stopped and never will.

Coming ‘online’ and opening to new levels of awareness and mastery has been a progressive process. Developing an understanding of why I volunteered to be of service in these wild card times – and in ways that can stun me – has sometimes shocked me to my core. This is an experience many resonate with now.

Part of my process has required I ‘go it alone’ at times and be mindful of who I open up to about the surreality of my world. Those outside of my intimate network have had little idea about my awakening experiences, including some of my family. Along the way, I have had the privilege of linking with exquisite Soul SiSTAR’s who have each been Angelic Rockstar's to share and walk the path with.


Many times, I have experienced incredibly intense phases of growth and opening that I wondered how, and if, I would make it through. As I’ve come to realise, the unique shifts we experience as we enter the void to become transformed and embody more of who we are – and prepare for the ‘work’ we came here to do – have their own evolutionary process within the stages of our spiritual development.

Our alchemical transformation does not have a linear beginning and end. We are shifting daily and once we are initiated, there is no turning back, for we will forever be changed from deep within.
With time, the intensity shapeshifts into a more graceful ebb and flow.


As an Awakening Starseed, stepping into the Truth of who I really am – which is a process of constant self-discovery if you are daring enough to pull back the layers – has felt slow and sometimes painful as old identities, realities and belief systems are dismantled. But when looking back, and with greater perspective, much has happened within the blink of an eye.

Oracle Icon - 6 Star Open

We cannot rush our own process

Cultivating patience and surrender takes practice. I have experienced first-hand the struggle that comes with birthing our new realities and grounding our skills, gifts and abilities. Our process of growth and manifestation exists within cycles of itself, and we are reminded that everything is always expanding, deepening, shifting and unfolding.

It takes great inner strength to let go of the fear that keeps us locked down and be willing to open up to the higher potentials available to us

I have learnt, sometimes the hard way, that I could not do this New Way alone. None of us can. We are here to learn, share, create and collaborate. In the Spirit of Appreciation, I am eternally grateful for the unconditional love and support from the mentors, wisdom keepers and multidimensional guides who have championed my personal empowerment process.

With gratitude I honour Ocha Sheehan, MaRa LuaSa, Synara Chandler, Lorie Ladd and Dorian Light.

I have also learnt that the mentor will show when the student is ready. I am a Way Shower AND a student of The Path, and I am here to assist you.

Do you remember your own magic?

This is a very condensed version of who I am and some of my experiences and learnings so far along my journey – and it’s far from half of it! My story, in many ways, is quite conventional but is also very surreal.


To the Empath, Initiate and Awakening STARseed,

Thank you for being here during this momentous time on planet Earth!

I hope and wish that the words I have been guided to share here somehow serve you on Your Path.

I am honoured to serve you,

In the Light of ALL that YOU Are,

Earth, Solar, Cosmic and Beyond,

May you remember and reclaim your Divine Inheritance,

And may STARlight Guide Your Way.

Thank you and Blessed Be.

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