Booking Information


The Intuitive Oracle’s objective is to satisfy all individuals participating in a session or engaging with the Services.

Our philosophy is to treat each client with kindness, compassion, respect and fairness.


Prices are listed in Australian dollars (AUD) and may change at any time.

Sessions with The Intuitive Oracle are confirmed once full payment is received.

1.1 Payment Methods

Payments are processed using PayPal at the time of using our online booking form.

Please note you do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal. If you prefer to pay by credit card, PayPal allows you to select the “Pay by Card” option when you are on the PayPal payment platform at the time of booking your session.

For more information on PayPal payments, please visit the PayPal website.

Direct Bank Transfers are available for Australian clients. To use this payment method, please email The Intuitive Oracle via the Contact Form. Please include the day and time you would like to schedule your session (subject to our availability) and note your preference to pay via Bank Transfer. Banking details will then be shared with you by us.

1.2 Session Prices and Transaction Fees

All PayPal payments include a small PayPal transaction fee that we, The Intuitive Oracle, pay. PayPal deducts this fee from the total cost of any session with The Intuitive Oracle, as well as from any products or services purchased through the Website at the time payment is confirmed. The prices displayed on our Website are our final prices and are reflected at the time of finalising your payment on PayPal’s payment platform.

For more information on Billing and Third-Party Websites, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Website and Service Agreement.


Any changes and cancellations must be made within a minimum of 48 hours. It is appreciated, however, if you could notify The Intuitive Oracle seven days ahead of your session, to allow time for The Intuitive Oracle to offer your session to someone else on the waiting list.

Cancellations made 48 hours or more in advance will be refunded the full cost of the session, minus the cost of any transaction charges.

Cancellations made within less than 48 hours may incur a cancellation fee of $AUD50 and in some instances, the full fee.

Sessions can be rescheduled up to 48 hours or more in advance using the credit of your cancelled, pre-purchased session.


Sessions are subject to The Intuitive Oracle’s availability.

All sessions are conducted via Zoom.

3.1 Session Confirmation

You are sent two emails once you have completed your booking online, including your:

  • Automated "Confirmation Email”: Sent immediately once your booking is confirmed; and,
  • “Session Preparation Package”: This is an email sent to you by The Intuitive Oracle within 48 hours of you making your booking. It contains helpful information on preparing for your session, plus, your Unique Zoom Meeting ID and Zoom html link. Please save this email and use the html link to access the Zoom Meeting at the scheduled time.

You also receive two “Reminder Emails” at 36 hours and 1 hour ahead of your session.

It is your responsibility to read these emails and verify the accuracy of your contact information.

If our emails do not show in your inbox, for example, due to an incorrect email address being provided, or junk mail filtering, please take responsibility to promptly follow-up with us at the time of booking.

If the email you use to book your session is different to the email connected to your PayPal account, please also check that email for any communications from us.

3.2 Session Accountability

If you do not show up for your session, you may be considered a “no show” and charged the full cost of your session.

The Intuitive Oracle will attempt to reach you via email if you do not show up for your session. If you do not respond to that email within 15 minutes of the commencement of your session time, it may be considered a no show. Any time lost for not starting on time will not be refunded or extended at the end of a session or at another time.

In the unlikely circumstance that The Intuitive Oracle may need to reschedule your session, a full refund is offered, excluding any transaction costs. Alternatively, you may reschedule to the next available session time.

3.3 In-person Sessions

All sessions are conducted via Zoom. However, at times, in-person sessions are available for clients visiting or living in Sydney, Australia, as well as for clients in the UK and Ireland. Please use the Contact Form to contact The Intuitive Oracle and enquire about the possibility of scheduling an in-person session (please note an in-person session is not guaranteed).

3.4 Technical Considerations

It is important that our time is used for your session and not technicalities.

With this in mind, we ask you to kindly respect and honour the following:

  1. Ensure you have a good and reliable internet connection well ahead of your session;
  2. All sessions use Zoom. Instructions on downloading and accessing Zoom are provided in your “Session Preparation Package” – this is an email sent to you by The Intuitive Oracle and is separate to your Confirmation Email. It contains your Unique Zoom Meeting ID and Zoom html link;
  3. As a Plan B for communication, we ask that you have an active Skype account, should there be any unforeseen technical or other issues in accessing Zoom at the time of our call; and,
  4. It is your responsibility to test your technology well in advance of your session, including downloading and familiarising yourself with Zoom.

We currently do not offer a recording service for any sessions or services. If you wish to record a session, you can do so using your own device, such as your phone, at your personal discretion and on the condition that you keep one copy of your session and use the recording for personal use only. Sessions that you record may not be copied, shared, distributed or otherwise, in any way, and with any other person, or via any medium.

For more information on our Services, Website and policies, please refer to our Disclaimer, Website and Service Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Please email if you have any queries.

Thank you and Namaste.