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Spiritual Support

In the Light of ALL that YOU Are,
Earth, Solar, Cosmic & Beyond,
May your unique Soul Path Be Blessed!

All sessions are purposed to provide a level of spiritual support for Empaths, Initiates and Awakening Starseeds who seek to embrace their True Potential, while navigating the shifting 3D earth plane.

As an Intuitive Oracle and Starseed Mentor, I offer insight and guidance through my own intuitive oracular gifts to facilitate your process of receiving deeper clarity and feeling more empowered in your choice to align to Higher Expressions of you.

I champion you as you bravely cultivate your personal Truth and authentic Sovereign-Self.

I invite you to consciously connect with the legions of enlightened celestial support available to you.

Whether you seek clarity in one area of life or many, or are experiencing a dark night of the soul, I hold space for you to move past any blocks or old ways of being – a process that may require you to make some adjustments on your part, if you are ready.

Importantly, I offer you spiritual and energetic support in your awakening process and encourage you to find comfort in the Truth that you are truly loved and never alone.

If change is calling you, it’s up to you how far you want to go...

Living a more spiritually aligned life may sound like an elusive concept – what does that look like? you might ask – and a huge process! This IS a process that many of us have been working on for lifetimes. Regardless of where you are at on your path, new energies support all of us in living more authentically and in a deeper alignment to the Truth of who we are.

On the Path of Empowerment, it is true that growth is challenging.
Yet as we are stretched beyond our growth thresholds and embody a more expansive expression of ourselves, this process can indeed be wild, freeing and yes, fun!


When ‘life moves you’, will you move with it?

Whether consciously aware of it or not, many of us have chosen to grow and accelerate spiritually this lifetime. Some of us have also volunteered to be of service as part of a much larger multi-collective mission that is of cosmic and evolutionary proportion. This sense of mission and purpose is an experience Awakening Starseeds often relate to, whereby they feel and know deep within that they are here to undertake a task of significant importance.

While this is not a mental process, I offer you insights and impressions that provide you with a context about where you are at on Your Path, so that your experiences may be felt as empowering and meaningful to you.

At this time, we are incredibly supported by new energies that act as gateways in assisting us in accessing higher potentials. When we work with these energies, we open doorways to new ways of being.

In the new energies, many of us are going through intense transition and transformation. For some, this may be experienced as an ongoing or cyclical process of accelerated expansion, contraction and expansion, as we undergo the process of alchemy to be reconfigured and rebirthed from within the very core of our Being.

While I don’t proclaim to be a master in any sense, I support you in cultivating trust and connection to your own inner compass – both of which are a huge part of the process, especially when not much is making ‘logical’ sense.

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Before a session, I invite you to contemplate the areas of your life – including your inner and outer worlds – where you seek insight, clarity and empowerment.


In the physical world, this might include your finances, home, health, work, relationships, life direction and what you are here to create and share, or energetically and spiritually. Or all of the above!

We might also be guided to focus on:

~ Awakening experiences
~ Oracular Empowerment
~ Inorganic programming and patterning
~ Holistic healing and embodiment

Please be mindful that while you might initially seek guidance on something specific, I ask you to be OPEN. There are many aspects to us and to our soul and healing takes place on many levels – including multidimensionally.

Please see my list of services for more information.

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Our soul’s destiny is always expanding, evolving and is unending. In these energetically potent times, we are greatly supported in healing and integrating many aspects and extensions of our soul. As we integrate these aspects and heal old patterns, we call in new and future potentials into the Now moment. We do this at a soul level and Beyond! These potentials are of a higher frequency, opening up to us as we become a frequency match to that potential – if we are ready to do the work and honour the process.


"Sarah Jane is a brilliant and compassionate guide who brings incredible focus and passion to her work. I have worked with Sarah Jane for many years and admire her dedication to her ongoing spiritual development and to bringing this gift of spiritual knowledge and understanding to others. You are in safe and strong hands undertaking any kind of intuitive work with Sarah Jane – in particular, deepening your understanding and connection to your spiritual lineage and purpose."

Fleur, Sydney, Australia

"Meeting Sarah Jane was a turning point in my life. I now firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and she came into my path at exactly the right time. The relief I felt after a reading with Sarah Jane was like a giant weight had been lifted off my chest. Her knowledge of me was incredible and I was blown away. Her guidance has changed the way I live my life. She is amazing at what she does."

Savannah, Sydney, Australia

"Sarah Jane is incredibly talented and passionate about her work and her calling to guide others towards their highest potential.

Her healing space is beautiful and the love and energy she puts into her work radiates outwards to be felt even via video session! The guidance and information Sarah Jane shares always resonates so deeply on a soul level, offering me great clarity and inspiration. Her attention to detail and follow-up information also really helped me integrate. I would highly recommend this incredibly knowledgeable and Intuitive Oracle – she is a true guide and healer!"

Ella, Wollongong, Australia

"My experience with Sarah Jane was deeply insightful. Sarah Jane holds space so incredibly that I felt like I could anchor into all that needed to come up. A lot of healing and energetic cleansing happened during my session. And for days after, I continued to carry that healing energy with me. It was a wonderful experience and it reminded me how necessary the inner work is.

I loved that there was so much to take away from my session. It wasn’t just guidance and messaging but so, so, so much more. What I received was an empowering intuitive nudge to take actions, to start exploring and connecting with different aspects of myself and my life. My session with Sarah Jane was also a perspective shift about where I am on my path and how I can build upon it. Sarah Jane made me feel so cared for, before, during and after my session. Her post-session blessing and integration support also provided gentle guidance that was just the cherry on top!"

Jo, Melbourne, Australia

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